Supporting school programs and educational equity

A Message about our goals from RISE Educational Foundation President

We have had the good fortune to work with students, families, teachers and school districts in Los Angeles County for 15 years.  The work has been difficult but fruitful.

We have worked with more than 12,000 students during that time, mostly from under-resourced schools and districts.  In addition to providing hundreds of thousands of hours of academic support, we have been able to create sports leagues within school districts, implement coding and STEM programs, start Girl Scouts chapters, build organic gardens, have students participate in ballet, tap, baile folklorico and ballroom dancing, and provide many other enrichment opportunities to which many children don’t otherwise have access.

We’ve worked with students and staff who went through our programs and now form part of our RISE leadership, or are classroom teachers, firefighters, police officers, social workers, school psychologists, and other essential professions.

We’ve had staff members who worked with us as college students and went on to graduate, get teaching credentials, and become teacher leaders in their school districts.

We worked with classroom teachers who are now principals and district level leaders in dozens of school districts across California.

It is literally only a matter of time until one of our former students or staff members becomes a superintendent, and it is part of our mission to help them along that path by offering annual scholarships to students who previously went through our programs.

The establishment of the RISE Educational Foundation is a long time goal to support our school based programs, as well as to provide scholarships to former students.

With the RISE Educational Foundation we will be able to apply for grants, partner with other non-profits, and establish a long term endowment to continue supporting after school programs and funding scholarships.

We invite you to visit our website,, learn more about our programs, and consider donating to our scholarship fund, a specific school program, or general operations.

Thank you-

Dr. Frank Rodriguez


Our mission is to operate and support expanded learning programs in communities in California and to provide annual college scholarships to students formerly in our programs

Our Impact

Since 2009 RISE has provided a safe and structured environment, academic support, nutritious food, fitness, and enrichment opportunites for children in underserved communities.  



We partner with 35 schools across 8 California school districts to provide expanded-learning programs.  



Provide a safe, supportive learning environment led by engaged, caring adults.

over 100+


Served in our programs over the last school year.

Our Programs

We partner with 35 schools in 9 California school districts to provide a value-added after school program that supports and reinfoces academic achievement and provides fitness and enrichment opportunities for students in a safe, structured environment supervised by engaged, caring adults.  Each of our programs is unique and is a reflection of our diverse staff and the goals of each school site.  Our programs range from traditional before and after-school programs, to dual immersion, to student learning centers for children of essential workers during the Covid-19 emergency.  


Many of our students enroll because of a lack of access to tutoring or academic help outside of school.  Our instructors include caring members of the community, college students, and credentialed teachers who help with homework and tutoring daily. 


Nutrition, fitness,  healthy lifestyles, and countering childhood obesity are core values in our programs.  Our goal is to help students devolop active, lifelong habits in our students.


Our programs incorporate technology ranging from computer literacy and digital citizenship to computer coding and robotics.  


Many of our programs have intramural sports leagues where the students have a chance to learn the fundamentals of a sport, play as a team, and compete against other schools. 




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